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Who Am I?!

Hi, My name is Hasan and I decided to create my own blog. I have a blog on Medium and I love it’s simplicity, but I feel that having my own blog is more useful. I plan on blogging about programming and graphic design. I love making things and both programming and graphic design revolve around creating things.

I am from Iraq and I currently reside in Turkiye. I have studied Communication Engineering and I am interested in network virtualization.

Favourite Programming Languages

I currently work with JavaScript and Typescript. I build my apps using React, NextJS, Node and Postgres/MongoDB. I love Java because I learned OOP with it.

Personal Hobbies

I love photography, so I may share some photos. I like movies but not the stupid Type of movies they seem to produce nowadays.

My Favourite Movies:

  • The Last Sammurai

  • The Girl with the Dragon Tatto

  • The Dark Knight

Genrally speaking I like any movie directed by David Fincher or Christopher Nolan.

Its me, Hasan!

this is me

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